Woman revamps Wizard of Oz art tribute

Published: Nov. 4, 2021 at 9:13 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Known for its yellow brick road and as the home of Dorothy, the town of Liberal has paid tribute to the Wizard of Oz with statues of Dorothy placed around town.

However, the time has taken its toll on the statues. Julie Parsons is cleaning up her equipment to get ready for the next time she paints. With help from Kelsey Flowers, Parsons is re-painting these Dorothy statues with different themes to give the town of Liberal a revamped look because there is no place like home.

Parsons, a painter, says, “They’re down to 11. I think is what we have left cars hit a few weathers damaged a few. So anyway, they have just been in storage for the last couple of years, so about a year ago, last Christmas. I had an idea why don’t we paint them?”

Julie’s newest project is a birthday theme. She hopes to bring more people to Liberal to see the updated attractions. Julie says, “and when you come to Liberal, and you stop at the tourist’s department, you can pick up a brochure. and you can tour the Dorothy’s in Liberal you know, go by the air museum, go by baker arts, go by the depot, some of the things that mean a lot to Liberal.”

Austin Applebee, a citizen of Liberal, says, “it’s a really big deal honestly, I mean it just adds more tourism effect, and it also pays homage to the Wizard of oz and Dorothy yellow brick road aspect of our town. Honestly, I hope it pulls in a lot more business.”

Julie hopes to have all the statues done by next spring.

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