Smaller supply of Christmas trees this holiday season

Published: Nov. 21, 2021 at 8:54 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Christmas trees can be added to the growing list of shortages. According to Christmas tree farmers, there’s a smaller supply of mature trees this holiday season across the country.

Opening day at pine lake farm in Derby and people are already rushing in to buy their Christmas trees.

Amy Wallace, a 14-year-old customer, says, “it’s definitely one of those traditions that they look forward to every year and it’s just on the calendar, we’re always going to get a real tree and come out and find one at the farm and do it that way.”

Amy Wallace and her family have been getting their Christmas trees from Pine Lake Farms for years, just like Ryan Davis and his family.

Davis and his son Austin said, “We’re usually too late every year and then the supply is gone. So, thought we’d do it early. There’s supply shortages everywhere. So, got to assume Christmas too.”

Celia Goering, co-owner of Pine Lake Christmas tree farm, says she’s heard of Christmas tree shortages around the country but hasn’t seen this problem so much in Kansas. However, Goering says there is a Christmas tree trend impacting everyone.

Goering stated, “There are some shortages in some locations. But we like to bring in a few for trees because they don’t grow in Kansas. We were very fortunate in getting almost all of the fir trees that we wanted this year from Michigan.”

As the immediate past president of the Kansas Christmas tree growers’ association as well as a former board member for the national association…Goering is very in-tune with the national Christmas tree market.

“Around the state of Kansas, I’ve talked to two or three growers just in the past few days. And there are a few of those growers who were not able to get as many trees as they wanted.” Wallace- “we had lots of possibilities that we thought about cutting down. Lots of trees out there,” said Goering.

Goering wants to send thanks to local farms growing plenty of Christmas trees like pine lake’s nearly eight thousand the shortage is less severe than it could be.

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