Woman searching for former husband’s ashes

The ashes were sold in a storage auction, now a South Hutchinson woman needs help finding who bought them
Kathy Skeen said she is trying to locate her ex-husband's ashes after they were sold at auction with a storage unit.
Published: Dec. 20, 2021 at 5:12 PM CST
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SOUTH HUTCHINSON, Kan. (KWCH) - A Nickerson woman says she’s all but lost hope searching for the lost ashes of her ex-husband. They were actually sold at auction last month, and she’s now turning to Factfinder 12 hoping someone can help her bring what’s left of the man she loved back home.

Kathy Skeen says her Christmas wish is to be reunited with her ex-husband Frank.

“Frank and I were that ride or die, you know?” Skeen said. “He was very energetic and gung-ho and full of life and full of ideas and very, very talented at the work that he did.”

Skeen says “was” because, sadly, Frank passed away last year. Because they were no longer married, his ashes went to his son who stored them away at this storage unit in South Hutchinson. That was the case, at least until Skeen received word that there was an issue.

“My stepson sent me a postcard from jail, just saying, ‘I’m going to lose storage with dad’s ashes in it in South Hutch and if you can help, would you please?’” Skeen explained.

Her stepson was behind on payments and in jail. By the time Kathy Skeen located the correct storage facility, the unit containing her former husband’s ashes had been sold at auction. They were gone and not home where Kathy says she knows Frank would want to be.

“He loved this place. This is the first place he had many, many, many years of homelessness. And so, I know it just kills him to not have anywhere to be,” she said. “Now, I just want him not to be just out there because I know how much he would hate that. If we had a choice of, it would be here.”

The storage unit where Frank’s ashes were believed to be housed was at StorageHutch, 304 N. Washington & 204 N. Washington in South Hutchinson. If you purchased a unit from the facility at auction and think you may be able to help Kathy locate her former husband’s ashes, please email Factfinder 12 at investigators@kwch.com or call 316-831-6166.

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