Who killed Bishop Robles? FactFinder 12 reexamines cold case

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 10:00 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Bishop Robles was gunned down while standing outside next to his girlfriend and her nine year old son. Factfinder 12 re-examines his murder in hopes someone can help bring justice to the family he left behind.

It happened just shy of six years ago, near the corner of 11th Street and Fairview in Wichita. It was morning. Just before noon. Bishop Robles stood in the front yard of a home with his girlfriend and her nine year old son. A peaceful scene soon to turn violent and deadly. A shots fired call to police sent officers racing to the once peaceful scene. Once there, they found Bishop Robles fighting for his life, shot multiple times. He was rushed to the hospital, but there was nothing to be done. He died, leaving behind a tragic final memory for family and friends. Also left behind, Detective Michelle Palmer.

“She (Roble’s girlfriend) sees a vehicle coming down the street...occupied by several different individuals...when one of them yelled out the window just before the shooting had occurred,” Detective Palmer explained. “Something to the effect of what do you claim or what set do you claim.”

“What set do you claim” is a phrase to determine what gang a person is from. It’s an indicator to Palmer, Bishop’s killers were gang members, but she doesn’t believe that is why Bishop was killed.

“It was not him targeted specifically because he has Bishop Robles. It makes me think that it was a little bit more spontaneous. Or more by happenstance from his location,” Palmer said.

The Robles family tell Factfinder 12 that Bishop was kind, helpful, loved music and working on cars. His sister said he’d give you his last dollar if he had one. None of the Robles family wanted to sit down for an interview though because, they say, they fear what might happen to them if they did.

“Retaliation is a common fear that people have because we’re worried about ourselves. We’re worried about our families. We’re worried about the little people in our families, the children that don’t have anything to do with these grown up issues. And we’re worried that something may happen to them based on the story that we tell,” Palmer explained.

The detective says fear of retaliation has been a hindrance to the case from the start. With several people in the vehicle the shots were fired from, she says, she knows people know who pulled the trigger. She just needs one person to step forward and tell her who.

“Anybody that has information, even if it’s something you may not think would be helpful, let us know about it,” she said. “This family deserves justice. These people deserve to be held accountable...for killing this human being that did not deserve to die in the way that he did.”

Detectives say they know Bishop Robles was shot from a blue SUV on February 10, 2016. If you know something more than that, please contact police.

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