Kansas AG calls Carr brothers decision: ‘An important milestone in the path toward justice”

Carr Brothers case
Published: Jan. 21, 2022 at 1:45 PM CST
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TOPEKA (KWCH) – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt issued a statement on Friday calling the Kansas Supreme Court’s decision to affirm the convictions and sentences of Jonathan D. Carr and Reginald D. Carr Jr. “an important milestone in the path toward justice.”

Each brother was found guilty of multiple offenses, including five counts of capital murder, for a series of crimes committed in December of 2000. Both were sentenced to death. Attorneys for the Carrs challenged more than 20 technical issues they said happened during the penalty phase of the trial. In an earlier decision, the Kansas Supreme Court overturned that sentence, but the U.S. Supreme Court reversed that decision and sent the case back to the Kansas Supreme Court, which was upheld Friday.

“The legal path to this day has been long and winding for the victims and their families, for the Wichita and Sedgwick County community, and for all of Kansas, but today’s decisions by the Kansas Supreme Court are welcome confirmations that although the wheels of justice may turn slowly they do ultimately propel us all forward,” said Schmidt. “Absent a successful request by the defendants for the U.S. Supreme Court to again review the case, which seems unlikely at this stage, today’s decisions will conclude the direct appeals in this case with the result that both defendants stand convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death as Sedgwick County juries determined to be appropriate so many years ago.”

Currently, nine people are under the death sentence in Kansas. Of those nine, seven have exhausted their direct appeals and are in various stages of collateral litigation. Those are Gary Kleypas, John Robinson, Sydney Gleason, Scott Cheever, Craig Kahler, and now Jonathan and Reginald Carr. Of the remaining two, Justin Thurber’s convictions were affirmed on appeal, but his sentence remains under appeal as the courts gather information relating to his claim of intellectual disability. The case of Kyle Flack will be argued before the Kansas Supreme Court next week.

Hear more from former Sedgwick County DA Nola Tedesco Foulston on today's decision regarding the Carr brothers.

Posted by Lily Wu - KWCH on Friday, January 21, 2022

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