Homeowners warned to be prepared to shell out more for natural gas

Published: Jan. 27, 2022 at 10:25 PM CST
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - The overall rise in fuel prices are among the reasons for a warning to homeowners to be prepared to shell out more to pay their natural gas bills. This isn’t a new issue, but it’s a situation that isn’t getting better.

We’re at the time of year when we typically see a bit of a hike in bills as we turn up the heat in our homes. But the Kansas Corporation Commission warns it’s different this year with the fuel-prices hike impacting customers’ wallets.

Mark Thompson is among Kansas Gas Service customers who received an unpleasant surprise with a recent bill.

“I just open up my bill, I was expecting this huge windfall of savings ‘cause we just installed a new furnace. And then next thing, I’m staring at over $100 more,” he said.

The price for natural gas has expanded by about 80 percent, from $4.14 to $7.42 per thousand cubic feet.

“It was a little troubling, obviously, again, just thinking of all these savings with a new furnace and then not getting that,” Thompson said. “It’s not so much for me, but for the senior citizens that are on fixed incomes. There’s no way.”

While Thompson said is family can absorb the cost, he worries for others who might not be able to.

“They have to make choices. I mean, ‘am I going to eat or have a warm house?’” he said.

For those concerned about being able to pay what it’s costing to heat their homes, assistance programs are available.

You can find further information on available assistance at the links below:



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