Travelers advised to not delay booking flights as prices soar

For people still percolating on the idea of a vacation, it might not be worth waiting.
Published: Apr. 7, 2022 at 10:23 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - After two years, there is an itch for a big getaway.

“I have more people traveling this summer and this fall than I ever have,” said A to B Travel Agency owner Adriann Songster.

For people still percolating on the idea of a vacation, it might not be worth waiting.

“Sooner the better, honestly, If they’re thinking about this summer, any time June, July, August, you’ll want to get them two months ago. You’ll want to get them as soon as possible,” said AAA Travel agent Matt Bert. “If you have plans for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I would definitely go ahead and get them booked now.”

The prices for airfares are soaring this year, and fuel prices are a cause, but not the only one.

“Changing daily, I think that’s the most important for people to realize, as people are becoming more comfortable to travel, as airlines are opening up, and then on the same side, closing routes, it changes all the time,” said Songster. “I was quoting some airfare today to the Dominican, and it within three hours had changed with a $400 swing.”

Travel website Hopper said the price for domestic round trip flights is up 40 percent since the start of the year, with the average price in March at $330. It’s expected to increase another 10 percent by May.

At AAA Travel, they’ve seen the rising prices impact some of that recent demand.

“Since fuel has gone up, it has kind of come to a little bit of a lull, but I think people are going to say, I haven’t taken a vacation in two years. I want to take a vacation,” said Bert.

With many people looking for deals, travel agents said they have the knowledge and know-how to help travelers get the most out of their trip.

Bert said, “We do have that knowledge of when to go when to avoid. Maybe even going into a different airport that you might not have thought of that we know has flights going into it.”

Agents said if travelers have flexibility on the days of their trip, it could also help with savings.

“Not only find the best necessarily payment deals but also what perks are best. Who has the best insurance plan because that’s a huge thing right now,” said Songster. “Everyone wants to be comfortable. Travel is a lot of money, and so spending that money and knowing that your investment is protected.”

They said agents can also help people navigate the COVID-19 restrictions that remain for international travel.

“They’re not wanting to stay home any longer than they already have, so people are going to find a way to take that vacation if they really want to,” said Bert.

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