‘It stinks.’ Residents react to increased odor in south Wichita wastewater plant

Water plant makes nearby neighborhood smell
Published: Apr. 17, 2022 at 9:23 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A neighborhood in south Wichita has been experiencing an odor from the wastewater management plant on S. Hydraulic. The problem is in the processing, resulting in an increased odor.

Jasmyn Scroggins lives near the plant. She says it stinks.

“The smell can be really bad at times. Sometimes it’s raw sewage. Other times it’s like rotten eggs,” said Scroggins.

Other residents who live near the plant say it’s nothing new.

“Living here for almost four years. I don’t notice it as much unless it’s really bad that if I have guests or company over, they always notice that they comment on it,” said Melissa Carpenter, another resident in the area.

The increased odor will affect roughly a 2-mile by 2-mile area, and people in the area say the extremity of the odor depends on the wind direction that day.

“The wind is out of the north is not very pleasant. And if you’ve got your air conditioner running, it’s even worse because it sucks all that in your house,” said resident Tony Lawson.

Most of the homeowners in the affected area said that the smell from the treatment plant is always bad. So many have gotten used to it and can’t even smell it most days. But when the odor increased last week, they all took note.

“The smell is always there. It’s just like when the wind is really out of the north and they’re doing whatever they’re doing over there. Lord, for two or three days, you don’t even do yard work outside unless you’ve got to fix something,” said Lawson.

“A couple of my daughter’s friends come over, and they’ll mention how bad it is, and they’re like, it almost makes you feel sick to your stomach. It’s horrible. And again, we just kind of get used to it, but sometimes, it is horrible smelling around here,” said Lawson.

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