Fentanyl crisis prompts Wichita, Sedgwick County law enforcement to carry Narcan

Local law enforcement is responding to the continued surge in overdose calls, especially from fentanyl.
Published: Apr. 20, 2022 at 9:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - It’s a deadly problem law enforcement in Sedgwick County is trying to combat. Opioid overdoses continue to rise, especially in cases involving fentanyl. The crisis is prompting law enforcement to carry a life-saving medication, Narcan.

Narcan is typically used in a nasal form where officers or deputies can use it quickly on someone who has overdosed to potentially save their lives. Across the nation, people are dying frequently from fentanyl overdoses and the Wichita Police Department and Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office say they need to get ahead of this problem now.

Sedgwick County Sheriff Jeff Easter said to combat this, his deputies will carry Narcan, a medication that could potentially save someone who is overdosing on opioids. WPD officers are training to use Narcan in the field.

Sedgwick County commissioners at their meeting Wednesday, talked about the need to distribute Narcan to places like COMCARE, the Sedgwick County Jail and the county courthouse. The county also reports seeing more drivers under the influence of fentanyl.

With the at least one teen death from fentanyl confirmed in Sedgwick County, Sheriff Easter said parents need to be involved.

“Parents need to get in tune with kids and what they’re doing,” he said. “These are $8 a pill. That’s one pill and one pill can kill you. And the parents need to start getting involved with their kids to find out if they’re doing this kind of stuff. We need to educate and educate and educate.”

Sedgwick County Commissioner David Dennis further illustrated how dangerous fentanyl can be.

“If you think of a grain of salt, one grain of fentanyl can either kill you or make you sick. Two grains will kill you,” he said

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