Western Kansas tornadoes cause extensive damage

Published: Apr. 23, 2022 at 9:54 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Two tornadoes caused extensive damage in Sharon Springs and Selden overnight Friday into Saturday. Both were rated EF-1′s by the National Weather Service.

Jevon Benisch, a resident, said, ”never in my lifetime. We live in a hole here; we never think anything like this could happen.”

Last night at nearly 11 p.m., the town of Sharon Springs, a population of less than 900, was struck by an EF-1 tornado. It left plenty of damage on its course.

“Last night it came through here didn’t think much of a mess or anything didn’t look like nothing was happening, but this morning in the Southside of town to the Northside of town it was gone it was power poles, trees, you name it all messed up. It could’ve been a lot worse. Everyone survived so,” says Benisch.

The storm left a trail of debris from the south end of town to the north and knocked out multiple structures. People in Sharon Springs say that the storm escalated and touched down so quickly that they weren’t even alerted that there was a tornado.

“All of a sudden. Boom, there it was, and who would’ve thought,” said Benisch.

Since the storm went through town, many people had houses right next to the damage and are grateful that they were fortunate.

Georgia Pancake, another resident, said, “I drove out here, and I looked around, and everything looked alright, and then I looked over there, and that’s all a mess.”

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