Some cops say it’s a scam, but it’s not

Mortgage company notices on your door may be very real
If you've received a notice like this on your door, you may need to take action immediately.
If you've received a notice like this on your door, you may need to take action immediately.(Alex Flippin)
Updated: May. 13, 2022 at 4:00 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A viewer sent Factfinder 12 an email asking if a notice they’d found on their door from Bank of America mortgage was a scam. It’s not.

The person who wrote Factfinder 12 asking about an odd mortgage notice said they had been finding them on the door of the home they rent. They said they’d discovered several over the last few months. The notice doesn’t give much info. The date, the supposed name of the mortgage company that left the notice and a number to call.

Factfinder 12 called the number and we were greeted with a recorded message informing us that we’d called Bank of America and asking we enter our account number, social security number or tax ID number. If you’ve watched many Factfinder 12 reports, you know that a strange recording asking you to enter your social security number is a major red flag. Adding to that, the person who sent the original email said their landlord said the home they were renting Is paid for and that it did not have a mortgage.

Factfinder 12 looked up the number for Bank of America online and called the number we found, not the one provided on the notice. The representative did some checking and told us the notice was legitimate. In fact, the representative said the company had been trying to reach the home owner for some time. We reported what we found to the home’s renter, who was a little shocked.

There were some complications with this one. The person who received the notice did some research online and determined the mortgage company notice was probably a scam, and when we checked with the Better Business Bureau to see if they’d heard of a scam like this, the BBB actually found trustworthy sources like a sheriff’s department in another state posting on social media to ignore the notices because they are a scam. Factfinder 12, however, confirmed they are not a scam and in fact, require immediate attention.

No matter the notice, whether it’s through email, a text or a note on your door. If you think it might be real, look up the number yourself and call to confirm. Or call Factfinder 12.

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