RV parks, dealers report little impact from rising gas prices

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 4:48 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Gas prices may have decreased a bit, but prices are still higher than they’ve been in years. If you shudder to think of how much it will cost you to fill up your car, imagine filling up a recreational vehicle.

You’d think filling up a motorhome or hauling around an RV would cause so much pain at the pump, people would just hold off until gas prices fall but, you’d be wrong.

Rod Davis has been the caretaker at a Wichita area lake for nearly 20 years. He said whether gas high prices are high or not, when the weekend comes, he doesn’t have a spot to spare at his RV campground.

“They’re still going to get out. They’re going to take their kids to the beach, they’re going to go hike a trail to just do things that are a little less expensive,” Davis said.

Like Rod, who said the RV side of his business is booming, Dale Fischer of Wichita RV said his business hasn’t taken much of a hit from high gas prices. He said sales are about the same pace as we were last year, and while people may be taken trips closer to home, they’re still taking them.

“Instead of getting on an airplane and going different places, they’re staying local, they’re seeing some of the sites that are here in the state or surrounding states,” said Fischer.

Fuel prices may be about as high as most of us have seen, and the cost of travel, in general, has increased along with it. Still, Fischer believes the benefits that come with traveling with your home, outweigh the cost of the fuel for many - and that’s good for his business.

“You don’t have to depend on restaurants. You don’t have to depend on room service at a hotel. You can actually come in and make your own meals. You can have more clothes, you know, it’s essentially your space. It’s your home,” he said.

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