Juul pods, devices could soon be taken off Wichita shop shelves

Juul e-cigarettes could soon be removed from store shelves after ruling from the FDA.
Juul e-cigarettes could soon be removed from store shelves after ruling from the FDA.(KWCH)
Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 4:23 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A ruling from the FDA Thursday, June 23, could soon have Juul pods and devices taken down from shelves inside gas stations and vape shops. For now, following the FDA order, gas stations including local Quik Trips are selling the Juul products they have in stock. It’s unclear how long that that will last or if stores will get anymore shipments before the sales must stop.

E-Cigs Etc. is one Wichita vape shop that’s not worried about the FDA ruling. The reason? E-Cigs Etc. Daytime Manager Matt Gillenwater said the story never carried Juul products to begin withy.

“It’s just something we didn’t really like” he said.

He said there are plenty of reasons for that, chief among which is that they don’t feel Juul products actually give people a chance to quite smoking if that’s their goal.

“The Juul is a closed-pods system, which means you have to buy their pods. In the very beginning that’s something that just went against our entire business profile,” Gillenwater explained.

Those Juul-brand pods don’t offer many options regarding the amount of nicotine in them. You can choose either 3% or 5%.

“At that point, it’s no longer a company that was about getting people off of tobacco or combustibles and onto vaporized nicotine,” Gillenwater said.

He said decreasing the amount of nicotine in the juice is a key factor in weening people off cigarettes and vaping devices. This is why E-Cigs Etc. makes their own.

“The way that we do it allows you to titrate down on your nicotine and actually quit if you want to quit,” Gillenwater said. “That’s the beauty of it, you can get down to a lower nicotine level with the systems we have as opposed to being stuck with 5% nicotine like you’d get at a gas station.”

HE said in his experience, making the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes has ben life-changing.

“I used to smoke three packs of cigarettes a day 10 years ago,” Gillenwater said. “And I feel exponentially better now than when I was smoking three packs a day, and I still vape every day.”

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