‘Case closed’: Greg Williams back on the air after Audacy investigation

The Wichita City Attorney said that based on the evidence presented, no charges would be filed and the case was considered closed.
Published: Aug. 1, 2022 at 7:52 AM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - No charges will be filed and an investigation into claims of sexual harassment against Greg “The Hitman” Williams is closed, according to the Wichita City Attorney’s Office.

Williams returned to Power 93.5 Monday, more than two weeks after he was taken off the air following an allegation by Johnny Starks that Williams acted inappropriately in a bathroom confrontation last month. Starks, known as DJ Koolout, was fired the day after the alleged incident, claiming he was terminated before he had the chance to report Williams’ alleged actions.

In a statement released Monday morning, an Audacy spokesperson said, “Based on findings from our internal investigation and working with local law enforcement, Greg Williams has returned to Power 93.5 airwaves.”

Williams denied the allegations made by Starks, though more accusers came forward claiming Williams had acted inappropriately toward them.

“The public allegations leveled against me by a former employee have been proven false,” Williams said as he returned to the air Monday morning. “And I want to say thank you to the many people who stood by me these past three weeks. It’s been a difficult and painful time. However, what I feel the most this morning is gratitude and grace. It’s my faith in God and my Lord Jesus Christ that commands me to forgive, reflect and pray for healing.” You can listen to his full statement below.

Monday morning, the radio host said the allegations against him had been proven false, and he thanked those who have stood by him during the investigation.

Williams’ attorney also released a statement Monday on William’s behalf:

“We are pleased that the Wichita Police Department determined there was no crime to prosecute. We are not surprised by this outcome, as Mr. Williams did not do the things he has been accused of doing. Mr. Williams is grateful to be back on the air and for the vocal support of those who know him best -- his family, friends and many loyal listeners.”

Starks also responded on Monday standing by his claims: “... This has been an on going problem that Audacy refuse to address even when the cast population has expressed and admitted issues they’ve had or friends and family. Its very obvious there is something wrong. it obviously continues to be covered up.... and eventually Wichita will get absolutely fed up and change. My lawsuits continue...(sic)”

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