Continuous intense heat melts Park City man’s roof

Heat melts Park City man's roof
Published: Aug. 7, 2022 at 8:08 PM CDT
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Park City, Kan. (KWCH) - As Kansas continues to see triple-digit temperatures, one Park City man says part of his roof melted due to the intense heat.

Homeowner, Gary Cornelison, went outside to cook Saturday when he noticed his roof looked different than usual.

Cornelison said, “I came outside to fire the grills up and start some Hot Rod chicken, and I looked up and was like, ‘that looks like algae.’ I got to looking. I investigated a little bit more. I noticed that ‘Wow, this is melted.’”

Cornelison thought an old firework landed on his roof. He climbed a ladder to see that the roof had turned soft and had started to warp around the structure.

“I know it has been hot but hot enough to melt stuff. Wow, crazy. I have seen window blinds melt but never a corrugated roof like this melted before. I am just glad this did not catch fire. That is for sure,” said Cornelison. “It is from days of straight heat. This has been on here for four years now. It is the first time I have noticed it.”

Gary says thankfully this plastic corrugated roofing is not flammable, but he cannot help thinking of what could have happened.

“Man, losing all of my belongings. I am a photographer and take pictures for 81 Speedway and Salina Speedway. My family has done it since the sixties and I have a lot of stuff in boxes and historic stuff. I would hate to have to lose all that. There is no way to replace that,” said Cornelison.

Wasting no time replacing his roof, Gary purchased metal sheeting to avoid the risk of another melting mishap.

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