Sale barn in Salina celebrates 100th birthday for woman still raising and selling cattle

Ethel Diehl turned 100 on Aug. 4, but got another celebration Aug. 18 in Salina when she went to sale some of her cattle.
Published: Aug. 18, 2022 at 8:13 PM CDT
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SALINA, Kan. (KWCH) - At 100 years old, Ethel Diehl spends most of her time working. It’s what she prefers to do as she still carries a passion for raising and selling cattle. In Salina Thursday, Aug. 18, to sell some of her cattle, Diel was treated to a birthday celebration.

Diehl, who actually turned 100 on Aug. 4, hasn’t let her age stop her from doing what she loves. This includes working with cattle.

“I prefer working to just doing nothing, watching TV, you know, or reading books,” she said. “I want to do my work first, and then I have my evenings for that.”

Diehl has been around livestock for most of her life. She lived on a dairy farm as a child and has helped to raise cattle for the better part of a century.

“I’ve always done it since I got married in 1944,” Diehl said. “Because I lived on a farm, married a farmer, always had cattle, still do.”

She said staying active helps her manage the farm, even after her husband’s death.

“Because I worked and got in and out of four-wheel-drive trucks and things like that, I had the muscular ability to continue,” she said. “Never spent a day where I didn’t work, unless I was ill”

The working mentality is also what Diehl believes the younger generations should adopt to have long and prosperous lives.

“Work. It’s a great benefit,” she said. “You need to be active, be a participant in what you’re doing. And really, you have to enjoy it. There’s all kinds of jobs, and what suits one does not suit another.”