Fans enjoy first official weekend of sports betting

First week for sports betting
Published: Sep. 3, 2022 at 8:48 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - College football fans came out to the Emerson Biggins location in west Wichita on Saturday to support their favorite schools.

For some fans, it was more than cheering, putting their money on the line, and betting on their team and other schools across the slate.

“200 dollars on Georgia on the spread,” fan Preston More said. “Just kind of going for it.”

“I’m very realistic about being a Nebraska fan,” Tyler Synovece said. “So I took North Dakota with the points.”

“I had OU not covering against UTEP I believe,” Dale Hansen said. “I had Colorado State that didn’t work out so well against Michigan, but you know you win some, you lose some.”

It was the first Saturday college football slate with sports gambling legalized in our state, college football fans at Emerson Biggins were placing bets on their phones in just a matter of seconds.

“It’s very intuitive, it tells you right on there if you bet 20 dollars, this is what you’re going to win,” said Hansen. “It’s very simple, I’m in my fifties if I can handle it, most anybody I think can.”

With sports gambling legalized in Kansas, some fans say it enhances the viewing experience.

“It allows you to be interested in other games,” Hansen said. “Individual players if you’ve got a prop bet on them for sure.”

“There is no comradery like betting a game with your friends,” Synovece said.