Family pleas for violence in Wichita schools to stop after teen seriously hurt

Video circulating on social media shows the attack on the Southeast High School freshman.
Published: Sep. 22, 2022 at 9:07 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Violence in schools is at the forefront of some parents’ minds as a group of students at Wichita Southeast High School face expulsion hearings after seriously injuring a 14-year-old boy.

Parents of Tyren Jackson said their son was walking away from a fight when four upper classmen hit and kicked him in the head, multiple times. The Wichita Southeast High School freshman’s parents took him to the hospital where they learned he was suffering bleeding of the brain. Now, they’re pleading for accountability and change so this doesn’t happen to another student.

“Nobody deserves that and it’s because of the shoes that he had on his feet,” Jackson’s mother, Tina Morgan said. “He’s not gang-affiliated, he’s not a bad kid. He hasn’t been in any trouble. He tried to walk away three times from this incident.”

Video from Tuesday’s fight at Wichita Southeast shows Jackson alone, fending off a group of students.

“He’s a freshman, these are all upperclassmen,” Morgan said. “All of these kids play on the football team, every single one of them. We were told they were getting five-day suspensions. Five days, are you kidding me? He was hospitalized overnight for his injuries. He cannot play sports for the rest of the year.”

Jackson suffered a concussion and bleeding of the brain.

“The hospital said if one more kick to the head, it really would’ve been worse than what it was,” Jackson’s father, Shearod Washington said.

The violence preceded an incident Wednesday in which officers used pepper spray to break up other fights at Southeast.

“These kids are out of control. It (does) not fall all on Southeast, it falls on the parents, too,” Morgan said. “These parents need to get control of their kids.”

Jackson’s parents are pleading for violence to stop in schools and for more responsibility from parents.

“These schools need help. They really do, because kids are bad as hell,” Morgan said. “These parents send their kids to school and expect the school to take full responsibility (for) what’s happening to these kids. “But the problem is starting at home. It’s not the school’s responsibility for these kids. It’s (that) the parents need to get control of their kids. Some of these parents, they condone it.”

A report from the Wichita Police Department showed Tuesday’s incident is being investigated as an aggravated battery. As of Thursday night, no arrests have been made. The Wichita school district said four students are suspended, pending expulsion hearings. This is standard practice for students involved in fights, the district said.