Abilene welder constructing world’s largest belt buckle

Abilene will soon be the new home of the world’s largest belt buckle.
Published: Nov. 9, 2022 at 6:04 PM CST
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ABILENE, Kan. (KWCH) - Abilene will soon be the new home of the world’s largest belt buckle. That record originally belonged to Missouri, then Texas. By the end of this year, Kansas should hold the title.

Constructing the expected record-breaking belt buckle is Abilene welder Jason Lahr, owner of Fluters Metal Works.

“Started off just trying to find a belt buckle I liked, and (I) really didn’t see anything that was perfect that I wanted, so I kind of just made my own,” he said.

This homemade project turned into a record-breaking, community-involved ambition in which Lahr has completed most of the work but has had some help along the way.

“My wife comes out and helps grind and do stuff like that and a friend of mine has been out and helped quite a bit on it, but for the most part though, it’s just kind of been me,” Lahr said.

That doesn’t stop him from enjoying the work he’s doing.

“It’s certainly a big project, but it just sounded like a lot of fun,” he said.

Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Julie Weeks said she’s excited for the town to be apart of the world-record project.

“We have created replica belt buckles. And so we are selling those, not only to help come up with our match money for the project but also to give people an opportunity to create a great Christmas gift and get their name on the back of the world’s largest belt buckle,” Weeks said.

She said she wants people in Abilene to be proud.

“All of Abilene will be represented on this buckle, so I really hope it appeals to everybody,” she said.

With the grand reveal of the world’s largest belt buckle happening next month, Lahr said he hopes everyone enjoys it as much as he does.

“I feel pretty good about it. I hope that everyone that comes out to see it likes it as well,” he said.

The unveiling of the world’s largest belt buckle will happen in the middle of next month at the fairgrounds in Abilene. There will then be 24/7 availability for visitors to see it.

Neither Lahr nor the city is disclosing the belt buckle’s dimensions until the grand reveal. This is to keep any potential competition from setting a record before then and spoiling the fun.