Widely-shared video shows Kansas farm dog helping to bury canine best friend

Video shows a farm dog in Sumner County assist in the burial of its friend.
Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 7:38 PM CST
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SUMNER COUNTY, Kan. (KWCH) - The death of a rural Sumner County family’s pet led to a widely-shared video seen on social media. That footage shows a farm dog helping to bury her canine best friend.

Three weeks ago, Lisa Roths and two of her farm dogs lost their best friend, Leonard, due to old age. To the surprise of Roths and her family, one of their dogs, Aries, lent a helping hand as they laid the older dog to rest.

“We was all standing there, getting ready to you know, say our last goodbyes. Aries just started pushing dirt into the hole, just all on her own,” Roths said. “And so, we just stood there and admired until she was done.”

Though Leonard’s death wasn’t unexpected, Roth’s other two dogs, Aries and Frank, were the first to break the sad news.

Roths said her sister who lives nearby woke up late at night, thinking she heard someone banging on her door.

“But we think Leonard was getting ready to pass away and these two dogs were up there on the porch, trying to get her attention,” Roths said.

A doghouse barely used by the other dogs is where Leonard took his final breath. For now, Roths does what she can to comfort Aries and Frank as they mourn their best friend’s death.