McPherson College students taking restored Mercedes to one of world’s biggest car shows

Published: Apr. 4, 2023 at 11:20 PM CDT
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MCPHERSON, Kan. (KWCH) - Students in a growing program that’s garnered national attention at McPherson College are stepping into arguable their biggest opportunity yet. Students in McPherson College’s Automotive Restoration Program are taking one of their latest restored cars to one of the most prestigious car shows in the world.

In mid-August, the McPherson College students are taking a restored 1953 Mercedes to be judged at the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, Calif.

“In terms of guests, this is one of the biggest car shows in the world, and it’s easily, easily the most prestigious,” McPherson College student Matthew Kroeker, a member of the restoration project.

Fellow student and project member Victoria Bruno recalled the team’s reaction when they heard about their invitation to showcase the classic Mercedes at the big-time show.

“When we heard the news that were were actually (going), there was silence because we were so shocked,” Bruno said.

The black, 1953 Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet is the first student-led restoration that’s been accepted to the show at Pebble Beach.

“Honestly, it puts us on the map even more. It really promotes who we are as a college and it shows that we are serious and that we have serious students dedicated to serious projects,” said student and project member Austin Cooper.

Kroeker, Bruno and Cooper are three of the nine McPherson College students involved in the restoration project. Daily, each put in hours of work and dedication toward the classic car. That will continue over the next few months.

In August, the hard work will turn into a life-changing experience.

“Going to Pebble Beach would just be an incomparable experience,” Bruno said.

McPherson College President Michael Schneider said the Automotive Restoration Program’s achievement means a lot for the college.

“You get to see a dream come true where we have integrated a Concours-quality restoration into our curriculum and McPherson College,” he said.