Nebraska man visiting every town in Kansas as part of unique journey

Seth Varner, on a unique journey, managed to visit every incorporated community in three states so far. He's making Kansas number four.
Published: May. 2, 2023 at 7:27 PM CDT
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LINDSBORG, Kan. (KWCH) - It’s a bragging right few people can claim. A Nebraska man on a unique journey managed to visit every incorporated community in three states and is making Kansas number four.

Seth Varner’s been welcomed to many places on his travels as he’s on a journey to explore.

“Prove that every town, there is something to do. You just really got to go out and find it,” he said. “It’s neat being able to meet with local people who are so proud of their heritage and history,” he said.

In his fourth year exploring communities in different states, Kansas is the fourth state in which Varner’s working to see every town and city. Varner, who’s about to graduate from college, managed to achieve this in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota so far.

“When I originally did Nebraska in 2020, it actually came about because of COVID,” he said. “After being bored in my hometown of Wahoo for just a month or so, working at Dairy Queen, doing absolutely nothing.”

Growing up in a small town, he enjoys traveling to new places and more than just to the main attractions.

While seeing new towns, Varner spends his time visiting museums and local businesses and taking many photos.

With 627 incorporated communities in Kansas, Varner is working to get a little taste of each one. So far, Varner has stopped in more than 200 communities.

“It’s a ton of fun for me, and I know it helps these small communities a lot,” he said.

It does so by promoting the town he visits to a wide audience. Varner shares his adventures and the history of each stop on social media, and it’s gained him a following.

The Facebook page dedicated to his Kansas visit, “Wandermore’s Visit627Kansas,” has more than 14,000 followers and on Tuesday, chronicled several stops in central Kansas, including culturally-rich Lindsborg, “Little Sweden.”

Once Varner has completed each state (visited all of its incorporated communities), he turns the experience into a travel guide to encourage others to explore places that might be off the beaten path. The Kansas version will be published this fall.