‘Such a huge blessing’: Family celebrates life with identical triplets

The Metcalfs were hoping for a little girl. Instead, they got three.
Published: May. 9, 2023 at 3:07 PM CDT
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MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR/Gray News) – A family in North Dakota is celebrating the birth of a set of identical triplets and adjusting to their life with their new babies.

The Mandan, North Dakota, family were hoping for a little girl. Instead, they got three.

Penelope, Madeline and Anastasia are healthy and growing and developing on the right schedule, according to Heather Muscha, the girls’ mother.

“With three, it definitely keeps you busy,” she said. “There’s always someone making noise. There’s always something exciting happening.”

The girls were born six weeks early on Dec. 2.

“They all weighed more than four-and-a-half pounds,” Muscha said.

The babies spent just two weeks in the NICU. Regular well-baby checks show they’re growing and developing right on track. Their favorite parts of the day include story time and when their big brothers come home.

The triplets’ older brothers Teddy and Henry couldn’t be prouder of their baby sisters.

“They are just really happy, healthy, growing little girls,” Muscha said.

The girls are identical, and all three are even cutting the same two teeth right now. Their parents have come up with some special ways to tell who’s who.

“Madeline has a little stork bite. Penelope has a little different ear lobe. Anastasia doesn’t have anything different or unique that we look for,” Muscha said.

However, when it comes to their personalities, each shines in her own way.

“They definitely have different personalities. Anastasia is probably the calmest of the three. Madeline is definitely going to be a daddy’s girl. Penelope likes to smile and play games. She’s the goofiest one,” Muscha said.

In just five months, these little babies have already taught their parents some important lessons, including the importance of being organized and appreciating the little things.

“Having triplets has made us have to slow down,” their mother said. “Such a huge blessing.”

Metcalf and her husband said they didn’t use any fertility drugs or treatments. Their chances of having triplets: about one in 8,000. The chance of having identical triplets: one in 100,000.