What the Tech? New iPhone ringtones

iOS 17 has a surprising change that Apple hasn't talked about. New ringtones.
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 10:40 AM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - iOS 17 is available to the public and while many people know about most of the new standout features, there is one major change that Apple hasn’t mentioned. I’d argue it’s one change that iPhone users, and anyone near them, will be happy to hear.

Apple released new ringtones and alert tones for the first time in a decade. Two dozen of them!

Why is that such a big deal? Standard ringtones are monotonous. If you’ve been using the same default ringtone for years it’s probably time for a change. Perhaps you’ve scrolled through the choices a few times and haven’t found anything you want to hear multiple times throughout the day. Now’s a good time to check again.

Apple’s new ringtones are quite delightful. Or maybe it’s because they’re something different. Whatever you think about them you must agree that it’s nice to have more choices.

A couple of the new ringtones, dollop, and arpeggio sound like they were produced by an EDM DJ.

The “Unfold” ringtone sounds like the opening to a song by Adele.

Several of the new ringtones are ‘lo-fi’ complete with record crackles and pops.

As for which is best as a ringtone that’s up to individual taste. When it comes to an excellent wakeup alarm, Chalet is bright and pleasant and rises as it plays. Even the default tone “reflection” has an updated sound.

And it isn’t just ringtones, there are also about a dozen new tones for texts and notifications.

They’re certainly worth a listen. But if you’re old-school and you prefer the ringtones of the early 2000s, you’ll find Apex, Bulletin, By the Seaside, and Ascending under the classics options.

Please, speaking for your Android-loving co-worker, don’t use “By the Seaside” and update.

To find the new Apple ringtones you must update your phone to iOS 17, released to the public on September 18th.