2 Sedgwick County deputies fired, 1 resigned, supervisor suspended

The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office said it launched an investigation after receiving reports that two deputies pointed their service weapons at each other.
Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 7:35 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - Two Sedgwick County sheriff’s deputies have been fired, one resigned and a supervisor has been suspended after an investigation at the sheriff’s office.

Sedgwick County Undersheriff Brian White said the department launched an investigation after receiving reports in February about two deputies drawing their firearms and pointing them at each other. Shortly after, other deputies reported discrimination occurring on their shift. In total, 32 employees were interviewed.

White said the sheriff’s office confirmed claims regarding the two deputies pointing firearms at each other. The agency also determined the deputies had been dishonest in their interviews. Those deputies were fired.

“The reason you have these policies in place is because accidents happen,” said White. “I don’t think there was any intent to harm with these incidents, but that’s no excuse because accidents happen.”

Through the investigation, the sheriff’s office discovered that a supervisor had made inappropriate comments, stating, “This is America, speak English.” That supervisor has been suspended.

“We believed it was out of line and should not have been said even in a joking manner,” said White.

Another deputy resigned after it was discovered they created a false call so they wouldn’t have to go out to a traffic stop.

“I know that the deputy that made the false call said they were down on paperwork and had some things they needed to complete, but that’s not the recourse,” said the undersheriff.

He said it’s frustrating to have employees break the rules and because law enforcement officers can be called to testify, the sheriff’s office cannot tolerate dishonesty.

“We recognize things happen, people make mistakes, most of the time those mistakes we can correct, We can move on but if you are not honest or truthful, that’s where we draw the line,” White said.

The undersheriff said the investigation took several months which included employee interviews and going over logs and video.