A Kansas woman died shortly after getting her COVID-19 vaccine due to a severe allergic reaction, according to her obituary. It’s something Dr. Tiffany Schwasinger-Schmidt says is heartbreaking, but rare.

“I don’t want anyone afraid of getting a vaccine, we’ve seen millions of people get vaccines,” said Schwasinger-Schmidt, with KU Med of Wichita.

The woman’s death was recorded on a national website run by the CDC, The Vaccine Adverse Event Reaction System, it’s for people and medical providers to enter in symptoms or adverse reactions after receiving any vaccine. It lists 22 deaths in Kansas, but keep in mind, they may not be directly linked to the vaccine.

“When you pull up those 22 results, that doesn’t mean 22 people are dying from the vaccine, but unfortunately, that a death occurred in close proximity to getting the vaccine. That needs to be reported and investigated to see if it’s due to the vaccine, or something else that happened to them.”

She says getting that data is important for regulatory officials and researchers and it shouldn’t scare you away from getting your vaccine.

If you do have questions about the vaccine and if you should get it, talk with your doctor.

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