10 Reasons Students Enroll in Andover eCademy


There are many reasons why families all over Kansas enroll their children in Andover eCademy virtual school. One eCademy student is a gymnast who competes throughout the nation. One family has a child with medical issues requiring daily treatments. One student
excels in mathematics and wants to work ahead. One student needs to work and wants to start earning a college degree. One family wants to be able to spend more time together.

Every year, eCademy students achieve successes they may not have experienced in traditional schools. The tailored attention, Individual Education Plans, personalized instruction and encouragement students receive from their learning coaches and teachers often unlock strengths that were waiting to emerge, and help them build up skills in weak areas.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Students Enroll at Andover eCademy:

1) Blended Learning.
2) Flexibility.
3) Students can work at their own pace.
4) High School Students can get ahead and graduate early.
5) Students can pursue talents like athletics, acting, modeling, etc.
6) Students can get away from negative situations.
7) Students can focus on academics and avoid outside distractions.
8) Top Curriculum.
9) Technology.
10) Andover eCademy is Fun!
Best of all, the students really like being a part of eCademy! The virtual experience often takes away stressors and distractions that limit students’ successes. The educational experience becomes a joy, and our students discover a love of learning.

For more information on Andover eCademy visit our website at www.andoverecademy.org or call 316.218.4470.