Andover teacher receives Helping Hand to fight cancer

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ANDOVER, Kan. Every day, Eyewitness News is able to tell stories about how good Kansans are. That's how we came across and Andover teacher who discovered she had cancer.

Rita Frakes is one of those

Rita Frakes is one of those people who is used to putting other's need ahead of her own. That was evident with her 20 years ago when she helped a student beat cancer.

"She was actually at the hospital with us and stayed with me several nights when my parents had to be at work and other things," said Andrea Holt.

"I would trade her places in a minute, but I knew that couldn't happen, so I just had to be strong," said Frakes.

Now their roles are reversed. Holt is now there for Frakes. Just one of the many people helping Frakes in her time of need.

Frakes says she's overwhelmed by the generosity and attention she's getting from others. Holt and others recently organized a softball tournament to help pay for Frakes' treatment turned out friends and coaches from when she was a kid.

"They know cancer is kind of expensive and they're worried about me and they're worried about me working extra doing my extra jobs," said Frakes.

That's why Eyewitness News teamed up with DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers to lend Rita a Helping Hand and give her $1,200 towards her treatments.

"That's amazing," Frakes said. "Thank you very much. That's incredible, thank you. I don't even know what to say. There's just so many nice people out there that are incredible."