Students work to have high school debate implemented in Costa Rica

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Two students from Kapaun Mount Carmel, along with their teacher, met the president of Costa Rica and an ambassador of the country.

The meeting took place Thursday at Kansas State University where President Luis Guillermo Solís was giving a speech.

The students' goal was to get President Solís' endorsement on starting a speech and debate program at all high schools in that country.

The students say they want to share the positive benefits the program brings with Costa Rican students

"The president was very friendly and approachable and very interested in the project," said Gabriel Esquivel. "We actually found out that he was debator in high school, so that probably helped our chances even more."

President Solís' endorsed the students' idea and invited them to the presidential house in August.

They hope to begin the project by next school year.