Does It Work?: Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush

There's no denying Amelia and Ginnie Flores are sisters. From their looks... to their long locks.

“Sometimes she's up until midnight flat-ironing her hair,” Amelia said of her sister Ginnie.

Frustrated with how long it takes to flat iron their hair, they volunteered to test the "Dafni Hair Straightening Ceramic Brush."

It says "brush your hair, don't iron it." The makers claim it works on curls, waves, frizz, or fly-aways. We bought one at the online retailer, "Dermstore," for $215. We were not charged for shipping.

Like the instructions say, both girls have dry hair. And, they brush it first with a regular brush. After plugging it in, the "Dafni" brush is ready in 60 seconds.... as promised. Amelia starts to brush Ginnie's hair... in a slow, pulling motion.

"Wow. That never happens,” Amelia said.

Straight on the first pass through. Now Ginnie tries the "Dafni" on her own.

"That was the tricky part of my hair,” Ginnie said.

It even works on the baby curl next to her face.

After several minutes, Ginnie was able to straighten half of her hair. She says she’s impressed.

Now, Amelia takes it in her hands... for a test on her thicker hair. She uses it like a brush.

"I’ll use 200 of my own dollars,” Amelia said, happy with her results.

Eventually, the ladies complete their "do's" with the brush... and, it takes just minutes.

Does it work?

"Yes. It works,” the sisters said.

There is only one heat setting on this brush. It reaches 365-degrees.