Dog treats meant to help calm fireworks fears for pets


What's fun for us could be frightening for our pets.

Every year animal shelters take in more lost dogs around the fourth of July than any other time.

We found one Salina fireworks stand offering pet owners a new option to calm animals fears.

"We get a lot of people who talk about how nervous their dogs get on the 4th."

Erick Winebrenner works at Crazy Ed's Fireworks stand in Salina.

He says one of the hottest sellers this year isn't something that explodes.

It's actually an animal treat called Heavenly Hounds.

The treats are supposed to soothe your pet if it stresses from the loud booms.

"They're an all natural treat that just calms the dog. they use them year round for thunder storms vet visits anything gets a dog nervous." Winebrenner said.

The tent actually sold out of the treats Thursday.

Some other options for pet owners:
-You can get medication from your vet.
-Keep your pet indoors somewhere quiet and consider putting on the TV or the radio.

Law enforcement says now is a good time to make sure your pets are prepared.

"You still have time to make sure your dog has a good collar and a tag on it with a phone number you can be reached should your animal go missing" said Lt. Steve Kenney with Wichita Animal Control, "Animals that have never jumped the fence before or have never escaped, this is the time of they year where they find that hole in the fence."

If you lose your pet in Wichita, you should check the animal shelter's website here.