Kansas woman makes, donates blankets to kids in need

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EL DORADO, Kansas Everyday in Kansas you can find someone who is quietly trying to make a difference. Sometimes we're lucky enough to hear their stories.

We heard of a Butler County woman who was quietly going about doing good and liked it that way. But with the help of the Butler County Sheriff we were not only able to meet her, but partner with DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers to lend her a Helping Hand.

A year and a half ago Nancy Miller had no idea her life was about to change. It started when her grandson went to the hospital with his life on the line. While there he got a fleece blanket.

"And saw what that blanket did for him, that comfort that blanket brought to him. Then I realized, I can do this," said Miller.

She went home and went to work. She bought material and began to make blankets.

From start to finish each one takes about two hours. She prays over each one.

"As these blankets are being made, I believe God already knows the child that this blanket is going to go to," said Miller.

In the past year and a half she's made 150 blankets. She recently gave many of them to Butler County Sheriff Kelly Herzet. The idea is for his deputies have them in their vehicle and give to kids in need.

"I just want the children to know that they're loved," said Miller who uses her own money to pay for the blankets. She says she keeps her eye on sales.

That's why Eyewitness News and DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers decided to lend her a Helping Hand and give her $1,200 toward her mission to comfort kids in need.

"That's awesome. That's a very nice generous gift," said Miller. "You're going to make me cry. $1,200 is a lot of blankets."

With Sheriff Herzet by her side Nancy accepted her check from Dustin DeVaughn and Richard James.

"Thank you for great work you do in our community," said James.

Now she plans to build on the 150 she's already made.

"How many more do you want to make?" asked KWCH. "Until I can't make them any more," said Miller. "Until your fingers go numb?" asked KWCH. "Yep, I love the children.