Man sentenced to 300 years in prison for child sex crimes released on technicality

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A Colorado man sentenced to more than 300 years for child sex crimes is now free after a court threw out his conviction due to a technicality.

Michael Tracy McFadden (Source: KREX via CNN)

Michael Tracy McFadden was sentenced for sexually assaulting six boys and girls. On Tuesday, he was released from the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility.

McFadden appealed his conviction, claiming delays in his original trial violated Colorado's speedy trial statutes.

The state's court of appeals ruled in McFadden's favor and also said he could not be retried.

"Frankly I'm completely appalled with the decision. I find it offensive that our justice system would allow this to happen," says District Attorney Dan Rubenstein.

Rubenstein says there are two types of speedy trials: constitutional and statual. With a constitutional speedy trial, there is no time frame depending on the case. In Colorado, statutory speedy right trials require a time frame of six months.