McDonald's rolls out touch screen kiosks in Ark City

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ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (KWCH) The McDonald's in Arkansas City is switching up the way you order food. It debuted new ordering kiosks Thursday morning.

The popular fast food chain hopes that when new locations are built or older ones are renovated, more will switch to the new technology.

Franchisee Michael Lane assures the public that they will not be losing any jobs or hiring any fewer people.

Customers will now have the option to use the new kiosks or see the cashiers.

Cash is an option when using the kiosks to place your order, but you still have to make your final payment at the counter.

The company hopes this will allow customers to customize their order without having too long to order.

"Another addition, we have table locators confirm your order and pay then you punch in your number and one of the employees will bring it out to you," says Lane.

The new McDonald's kiosks can also be found in some Kansas City restaurants.

The McDonald's located near 21st and Ridge in Wichita will be the next Kansas location to get the new technology.