Porch pirate steals toddler's life-saving medicine

RIVERDALE, Utah (KSTU) A Utah boy was left without his life-saving medication after someone stole a package from his family's porch.

(KSTU via CNN)

The three-month supply of medicine for the 4-year-old's kidneys costs around $5,000.

Just a week before Christmas, it was swiped off the family's porch.

Cody Taylor is a single father who worried he could not replace it in time for his son. For years, the medication has been delivered to his doorstep without no problems.

“He’s my little miracle. He's my hero. Because of everything he's gone through, I can't complain about life."

Taylor's son was born with several severe birth defects. Doctors weren't sure Austin would survive, giving him a 25% chance of living three months.

Austin struggled with stage 5 kidney failure since he was born. After a kidney transplant two years ago, his chances of living were higher.

Due to the transplant, he has to take medicine so his body doesn't reject the kidney.

Taylor received a notification that a new dose had been delivered. When he went to look for it, he realized the package was gone.

“Luckily my SUV is paid off. I was prepared to take out a loan and pay for the medication outright."

With help from his Insurance company, he got it covered. He had a message for the person who stole the medicine.

“You don't know who you're hurting by your actions. It could range from ruining someone’s Christmas to threatening someone's life. You just never know."