Tools for School

USD 259 2018-2019 SUPPLY LISTS

These lists represent basic school supplies that are used in our elementary and secondary schools. The items on this list may not be recommended for your child’s classroom or there may be additional supplies requested.

Parents: Check with your child’s school website for information on classroom-specific supplies. School supply lists will also be available at enrollment.

Community Partners: This list contains universal supplies that are welcome in any elementary or secondary school.

• No. 2 Pencils
• Spiral Notebooks
• Markers
• Notebook paper
• Dry Erase Markers
• Crayons
• Glue Sticks
• Scissors
• Rulers
• Erasers
• Folders
• Facial tissue
• Backpack

• No. 2 Pencils
• Spiral Notebooks
• Loose-leaf paper
• Markers
• Three ring binders
• Pens (blue or black)
• Highlighters
• Colored Pencils

Drop off school supplies at any Meritrust Credit Union, KWCH Studios, or Mel Hambelton Ford.