Wichita woman receives 'Helping Hand' to help flood victims in Mulvane

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MULVANE, Kan. From time to time we follow up on stories to see how people are doing. In Mulvane, flooding became all too common in August 2016.

Eyewitness News partnered with DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers to lend one organization doing good down there, a Helping Hand.

On the very first night of flooding in Mulvane, Pastor Hollie Tapley was going from home to home assessing the damage for flood victims.

Tapley and her 35 plus volunteers with the Great Plains United Methodist Conference are still in Mulvane. They've spent thousands of hours helping people recover.

Over the past year they've been in about 120 of the 150 or so homes that were damaged.

"We sit down and look at what it's going to take to get them back to a new normal life," said Tapley about her organization's mission.

Funded 100 percent through donations, and giving 100 percent of that to people in need, Tapley is usually one of the first to step up to help when people need new dry wall or money for clean-up.

That's why DeVaughn James Injury Lawyers and KWCH surprised Hollie with $1,200, a Helping Hand for families in Mulvane who are still trying to repair damage.

"Oh gosh. Wow. Wow, that is awesome," Tapley said with tears in her eyes. "That is awesome, because we got a couple of homes that need drywall and it's pretty big jobs. So that's phenominal."

Hollie got to meet Dustin DeVaughn and Richard James when she received her check.

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