Woman receives hateful letter from neighbors

Bakersfield, Ca. (KWCH) A California woman who placed a 'Black Lives Matter' sign in her yard received an unexpected letter from her neighbors asking her to remove it.

When Latoya Johnson checked her mailbox on Saturday afternoon she was surprised to get a letter that said:

Dear neighbor could you please remove you Black Lives Matter sign from your front yard.

"This is not Cottonwood, Compton or Watts and your Black Lives Matter sign is reducing the property value of this area and making it look very bad."

The writer told Johnson they're only going to say this one time and one time only to remove the 'Black Lives Matter' sign.

As a homeowner in the neighborhood and a daycare worker, Johnson says she was hurt to know someone could write and send such a letter.

"There are black people and there are (bleep). Just like there are white people and white (bleep), Mexican and Mexican (bleep). If you want to be equal and respected than be a neighbor, not a (bleep)."

Johnson says she felt scared after receiving the letter. She says she never had issues with her neighbors.

The original reason she had put the sign in her yard was to bring awareness to what was happening around the world involving black men and violence.

"I have three boys. We live in a very very tough society especially with this social media stuff going on and I want my boys to know that hey your lives matter. When they come into their place of residence, hey, my life matters," says Johnson.

She says she believes all lives matter and she says her sign is not suggesting that it doesn't. There are no plans to take the sign down.