Workers push for the day after Super Bowl to be national holiday

WICHITA, Kan. Super Bowl Sunday is hands down one of the biggest parties of the year. Some say that after the big event should be a day off from work.

According to a survey by Robert Half International, 72 percent of the 306 human resource managers that participated in the survey say the day after the game should be a holiday.

The survey included 1,011 employees, and 27 percent say they have often called in sick the next day. Of those surveyed, 2 percent of employees are late to work the next day following the big game.

Kraft-Heinz gave their employees the day off following the Super Bowl last year after seeing a drop in productivity.

In a statement they said:

Statistics show over 16 million people call in sick or just don’t show up to work. And for those that do, productivity plummets so far that the country loses on average around $1 billion (true story). Enough with the madness. This is where YOU come in.

Sign the petition to make the day after the Big Game a National Holiday. Share it with friends, family and even strangers and get THEM to sign it. If we get over 100,000 signatures, it will be sent to Congress.

When you consider the lost productivity, people staying out late despite work in the morning for after-parties many say it should be a national holiday.