Man discusses action he took leading police to suspect in W. Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. After an officer-involved shooting, chase and crash Wednesday, , the man who helped police catch the suspect named Elijah Martinez, says God and police saved him from getting hurt.

The man says he has no regrets when it comes to following the suspect at high speeds after watching him steal mail.

"In my mind if I would have let it go... what if it was a 12-year-old kid walking out there, catching them in the mailbox, and what if (the suspect) would have pulled out his gun and shot the 12-year-old kid?" the man says.

The man says he believes God gave him strength and says he had a "weird calmness" as he followed the suspect.

"... And once again, it goes back to the good Lord. I believe he had his hand on me," he says.

The man and the suspect ended up at a business and at one point, the suspect motioned to him to come forward.

"He had hands in his pockets and I thought, 'okay', good Lord told me then, 'stay in your truck, don't get out, just stay in your truck,'" the man says.

He says the suspect ran back into the business, then officers arrived. He says police saved his life by blocking him as shots were fired.

The man says the suspect then jumped in his truck, leading to the chase that ended in the crash near Maple and Maize.

The man says police have his truck for evidence, but the vehicle is no longer driveable.