100% of Kansas schools now meet FCC minimum Wi-Fi guideline

Published: Oct. 22, 2019 at 9:04 AM CDT
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Every school in the state of Kansas now meets the FCC's minimum recommendation for Wi-Fi bandwidth.

Across the United States, 99% of schools use some form of digital learning during the school day. Around 70% use computers all day.

With so many schools using online courses, the more devices need to use the internet, the more powerful the bandwidth must be.

Education Super Highway is a non-profit organization that focuses on getting students connected to the internet.

The organization says 100% of Kansas schools now meet or exceed the FCC's minimum internet goal of 100kbps per student.

43% of Kansas schools have Wi-Fi speeds 10 times faster than the minimum recommendation.

Nationally, only 23% of schools meet that 100kbps target.

Just four years ago, the average bandwidth per Kansas student was 164 kbps per student.

Now, it's 968 kbps.

Governor Laura Kelly praised the efforts of Kansas schools.

"To ensure all Kansas children can excel in our modern and changing economy, we must continue to expand internet access across our state to meet the FCC's 1 Mbps per student target. High-quality broadband is essential in creating innovative educational opportunities in every Kansas school – no matter the zip code."

In the past four years, Kansas has spent 37.7-million dollars in federal funding to upgrade Wi-Fi networks.