25 black female journalists go viral for celebrating natural hair

MIAMI, Florida (KWCH/CBS NEWS) An image of 25 black journalists, including 11 from CBS stations throughout the country, is going viral.

(Source: NABJ/Villas Channel Photography and Film Video Productions.)

The photo, taken last month during the National Association of Black Journalists Annual Convention, features women who have all decided to break the mold when it comes to their hair.

Wearing huge smiles and bright outfits, the newswomen proudly showed off their curls, locs, braids, and afros- hair styles they've chosen to wear on air.

Sia Nyorkor, a weekend anchor at WOIO, was front and center.

"Just to walk out and you see so many women with curls, with braids, locs," Nyorkor said. "Just saying - you know what - I'm accomplished, I'm professional. It was just beautiful."

Nyorkor decided to 'go natural' on tv last year, in an industry dominated by straight, slick hairstyles.

"I had relaxed, I had straightened, I had covered, worn wigs, worn weaves, wore extensions, and I just didn't feel like it anymore," Nyorkor said.

Ten other women from CBS affiliated stations also appeared in the photo, including KWCH Digital Content Manager Angela Smith.

"So many of us sometimes feel we're alone but in that moment, we didn't feel alone because there were so many other women who are doing the exact same thing," Nyorkor said.

Nyorkor says all reporters should feel comfortable wearing the hairstyle they choose- without fear of bias.

"It's your hair - wear it the way you want," Nyorkor said.

She says she's encouraged by new measures like the Crown Act in California and New York – that outlaw hair discrimination... and she hopes the photo inspires other women to embrace their natural beauty.