3i Show starts Thursday in Dodge City

DODGE CITY, Kan. Thursday, the 63rd annual 3i show kicks off in Dodge City's Western State Bank Expo Center.

It's a show that allows those in the ag industry to learn about new innovations in the business. It's also an event that brings money to Dodge City.

"It's a tremendous impact because probably the smallest portion of an exhibition's expense is the show expense," says Eddie Estes, President of the Western Kansas Manufacturer's Association. "It's everything else that goes with it. Motels, gasoline, meals, all of those factors go into these exhibitors making the decision as to whether or not they're going to be in the show or not."

This year, visitors to the 3i Show can take home one of the antique tractors on display, built by farmers across Kansas. This year is the first time an auction like this will be done at the show.

"I guess it's kind of exciting because we're not sure that any show has ever had an antique auction of tractors, particularly in our family's collection," Estes says.

The 3i Show is free to attend and runs from Thursday through Saturday afternoon.