Earthquake strikes Rose Hill Monday night

ROSE HILL, Kan. (KWCH) When an earthquake struck just south of Rose Hill Monday night, several residents said they not only felt it but heard it too.

"Wow, just saw that Rose Hill had a 2.6 earthquake! That was close! Wondering if that was the "plane" I heard/felt fly over the house earlier," Jerrod Ketchersid wrote on Facebook.

"Was loud like a tidal wave of sound that shook the whole house.?...hard Didnt feel like any earthquake i ever been in," wrote Vallery Keith.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 2.6 magnitude earthquake hit around 10 p.m. It measured 5 kilometers, or a little more than three miles deep.

"The shaking many felt in the Rose Hill area was an earthquake centered at approximately SW 210th Street and Butler Road," Butler County Fire District #3 posted to its Facebook page.

Many of you reached out to our newsroom telling us you heard an explosion in the Rose Hill area. We spoke with dispatchers who said no crews were called out to an explosion.

Rock Miller, a senior scientist for the Kansas Geological Survey, says it is possible people heard the earthquake, almost like thunder in the distance, because it was shallow. The USGS says it was about three miles deep.

If you felt the quake,click here to let the USGS know.

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