Back to School: Shaking off first day jitters

GODDARD, Kan. (KWCH) Two dozen districts across Kansas are heading back to school today, and students might be feeling those first day jitters.

The first day back to school can be difficult for many students.

It can be nerve wracking, whether its making a transition to a new grade, new school or a new area completely.

Teachers want to remind parents that it is perfectly okay for your kids to be a little nervous.

Oak Street Elementary School Principle Ashley Miller says to reassure your child and make them feel confident.

Administrators also say it's important to give them a week or two to adjust and get used to being back at school.

Kids aren't the only ones that get those first day jitters, parents can also get them.

Oak Street gives parents a way to take a breath and collect their thoughts after dropping off their little one.

"Here, we offer some coffee and donuts for our moms down in the cafeteria and some dads, just to have that time so they don't have to leave the building yet because some of them aren't quite ready for that and that just gives them a little bit of time before they have to leave the building because its tough on parents," says Miller.

When your kids return home, make sure to ask your kid their favorite part of the day or have them tell you something exciting that happened.

Teachers say kids will pick up on the fact that you are excited and will make them feel more reassured and confident.