Derby schools IN SESSION Wednesday despite what fake Twitter account says

DERBY, Kan. (KWCH) If you're a student in the Derby school district, you have school on Wednesday.

Someone started a fake Twitter account Tuesday night. The profile photo is that of Derby superintendent Heather Bohaty and the handle is almost identical "@derby_supt". Bohaty's official Twitter handle is "@derbysupt".

The fake account only has three tweets so far, including the unofficial school cancellation.

The real Bohaty retweeted Derby Public Schools stating school would be in session on Wednesday and any cancellations will be made via a number of outlets.

"At this time, school is in session for Wed., 2/21. If school is canceled, families will be notified via Skylert, posted on social media, sent to news stations & district's website. Derby Public Schools will make every attempt to notify families as soon as possible."