Day 15: Texas volunteers discusses search to help find Lucas Hernandez

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Sunday, March 4, 2018

The search for missing 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez is now entering the third week.

On Sunday, Texas Equusearch worked on day two of their search. The team's founder Tim Miller says he got involved in the search after local law enforcement, community members and Lucas's family asked for help in finding Lucas.

"Unfortunately, we don't have any good news yet. We can say we know where Lucas isn't. We've covered a lot of ground. We've been working just hand-in-hand with law enforcement. And you know, little tips and little information comes in that they feel is priority, which doesn't need the whole community and volunteers and stuff to know."

Miller says the first weekend of their search hasn't led to anymore.

"We're used to these frustrations again with a lot of searches that we've done. So we kind of sit in here like we're doing now and kind of debrief during the day and decided what did we do wrong, what could we do better, what could we do different and bottom line nothing. We just weren't in the right place yet," says Miller.

Miller says he and his team plan on staying in Wichita to help look for Lucas until they've used all their possible resources.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Thirteen days without any sign of Jamie Orr's 5-year-old son Lucas Hernandez.

"It's a 5-year-old child, they don't just vanish into thin air," says Jamie.

Jamie spent the past week with other volunteers searching Wichita parks for any sign of Lucas.

"On Thursday we went back to Chisholm because we were called off on Monday, and again I'm not from here, I never realized how huge the park is they have a ton of ground to cover," Jamie says.

Jamie says her biggest fear is hearing the investigation may be slowing down.

Earlier this week, Wichita police said they'd stop searching parks unless a new tip prompted them to go back.

"We need those tips coming in if they're not coming in we got nothing to go on," Jamie says.

Jamie learned Friday, a Texas-based group EquuSearch was approved by Wichita police to do their own search this weekend..

Texas EquuSearch will join the effort to find Lucas Hernandez.

Tim Miller, EquuSearch founder, says they've assisted in over 1,700 missing persons cases including high profile cases like Natalie Holloway.

The organization is composed of volunteers of various experiences, with many being experienced horse owners.

"We do a lot of stuff still with out horses, ATV's drone searches, a tremendous amount of boat sonar equipment drone, a ground penetration equipment in case anything is buried," Miller says.

Miller says he understands the pain Jamie and Lucas' family is going through after his own daughter went missing many years ago whose body was found 17 months later.

"I remember every minute of those 17 months of the helplessness, the hopelessness, the loneliness and just made a promise to God I would never leave a family alone if there's anything we can do, and here we are," says Miller.

A public search already set to take place on Saturday at Pawnee Prairie Park, 2625 S. Tyler Road, has requested assistance from the Texas group. That search is scheduled from 8 a.m. until.

Lucas Hernandez was reported missing from his home near Lincoln and Edgemoor on Feb. 17. He was wearing a gray t-shirt with a bear on it, black sweatpants and socks. He is missing his top / front teeth and has silver caps on his remaining teeth. He also has a small scar on his upper/left abdomen from a prior medical procedure.

If you have seen Lucas since his disappearance or know where he might be, you're asked to call the Wichita, Kansas Police Department at (316) 268-4111 – or call Texas EquuSearch at (281) 309-9500.