Experts: Recent cold weather had little effect on ticks

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) Cooler weather may have kept you indoors, but the Sedgwick County Extension Office says it hasn't had much of an effect on insects like ticks.

Agent Matt McKernan says even the recent snow wasn't enough to kill off the ticks or reduce their populations. He said you can still find them hiding in places like tall grass or some leaf piles for insulation.

McKernan says if you're headed outdoors to enjoy this mid-week warm-up, you should expect to see ticks - especially if you and your pets are in wooded areas.

We spoke with a parasitologist from Kansas State University to see if there will be more or less ticks than average in Kansas this year. He says you should always prepare for ticks to be here.

McKernan agrees.

"Often insect populations fluctuate significantly between years depending on the weather conditions and other factors so there's no easy way to tell for sure," said Sedgwick County Extension Agent, Matthew McKenrnan.

Some of the most common ticks you'll find in Kansas include the American dog tick, the brown dog tick and Lone Star tick.

Experts recommend if you find a tick on you or your pet to save it, put it in a plastic bag or on a piece of tape, or take a picture of it, that way doctors can give you a proper diagnosis.