Westar, KCP&L warn of impostors threatening to disconnect service

WICHITA, Kan. It's a scam Westar Energy has warned its customers about before. It's again happening enough for Westar and KCP&L to issue a warning to its customers not to let impostors scam them out of money.

With the scam, Westar adn KCP&L warn, callers use a threat to disconnect a customer's power if that customer doesn't immediately pay up. The callers claim to work for the companies and ask for prepaid cards as payment.

"In some cases, the caller is using a prerecorded voice," the companies say. "Several customers have called to report receiving suspicious phone calls."

Westar and KCP&L warn, however, that some impostors are convincing.

"They may use websites that allow them to manipulate caller ID, making the call appear to come from KCP&L or Westar," the companies say.

The impostors may also use a prerecorded message. The scammers speak with authority and, in some cases, callers may even provide information like amount due that makes them sound credible, the the companies warn.

“Scammers create a sense of urgency to get customers to act quickly rather than allowing them time to check their account,” Gina Penzig, manager, media communications, said. “We will never require a prepaid card for payment. Also, we notify customers multiple times in advance if service may be interrupted for non-payment.”

You can find further information on identifying scams through the websites of Westar Energy or KcP&L.