Financial experts: Saving early crucial to reach retirement

WICHITA, Kan. When it comes to retirement, most college student haven't given much thought to it. But one financial adviser says it should be as they prepare to enter the workforce and will join a group of young workers, some who are doing better than previous generations, but still aren't saving like they should.

"If you continue to delay it if you continue to say I'll start tomorrow, five years down the road you still haven't started anything"

Chris Wolgamott, Director of financial education at Meritrust Credit Union says young people have to think about it, and start saving as soon as they can.

"Growing money takes time and so give yourself as much time as you possibly can to have the best nest egg for yourself that you possibly can when you do decide to retire" said Wolgamott.

Wyatt Atchley, a freshman at Wichita State says his retirement plans will have to be put on hold.

"I'm just dipping my toes in the water of adult life really, so we'll see where life leads me but i'm thinking like sophomore, junior year i'll probably start going a little bit deeper," said Atchley.

For those young adults in the work force, Wolgamott says if not starting now is the best time, then when will you start planning?